Eclipse Tenants

Having been tenants and landlords ourselves we recognise the importance of being able to trust your agent and have confidence in their ability to resolve any problems you may have swiftly and professionally.


Maintenance Issues

If you are a tenant in one of our managed properties and you have a maintenance issue then we will resolve this issue as quickly as possible, you can either call us on 01326 564 453 or fill in the online form below.


Emergency Repairs

If you have a genuine emergency problem then please call us on 079800 61416. This service is for emergencies only and before you call this number you should consider whether it is a genuine emergency or not, misuse of this number will be taken seriously and you will be liable for charges if it is deemed that the problem or situation was not an emergency.



If you are a tenant who is looking to vacate the property then you need to inform us as soon as possible, to ensure you comply with the legal requirements when giving notice please refer to the relevant section in your tenancy agreement. Once you are satisfied that you are able to comply with the requirements then please email us at

Request a Valuation